„The giant radish”, Arlechino Theatre, Braşov, 2+, 50 min

Our story starts with a voyager cloud who stops over the Vasilovici house. Vasilovici family has a lot of members and it`s very funny. We will present its members successively, from the bottom to the top and from left to right, as follows: first, mister Fitzwillian Vasilovici, a fluffy and grumpy mouse, followed by miss Josefina Vasilovici, a playful cat, and old Ludwing Vasilovici, a sickly dog. All of them love and respect the grandmother, Agripina Vasilovici who has an eagle eye and she unconditionally loves her old husband, Nistor Vasilovici who saw a lot of things in his life, but never such a giant and happy turnip like Ridi Vasilovici, the newest member of the family.