„The giant radish”, Arlechino Theatre, Braşov, 2+, 50 min

Ridichea Uriasa Brasov 4

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Directed by: Delia Gavlițchi

Scenography and costumes: Marian Sandu

Music: Corina Sârbu

Cast:  Petronela Rujan, Manuela Zaharie, Alexandru Dobrescu, Adrian Iuga, Adrian Stinghe

Our story starts with a voyager cloud who stops over the Vasilovici house. Vasilovici family has a lot of members and it`s very funny. We will present its members successively, from the bottom to the top and from left to right, as follows: first, mister Fitzwillian Vasilovici, a fluffy and grumpy mouse, followed by miss Josefina Vasilovici, a playful cat, and old Ludwing Vasilovici, a sickly dog. All of them love and respect the grandmother, Agripina Vasilovici who has an eagle eye and she unconditionally loves her old husband, Nistor Vasilovici who saw a lot of things in his life, but never such a giant and happy radish like Ridi Vasilovici, the newest member of the family.
Why did it grow so big? What did the Vasilovici did with it? Did they manage to take it out of the ground? We won`t tell you…if you are curious, come and see with your own eyes.

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