„Zigmund Follies”, Phillipe Genty Theatre Company, France, performance for adults in French

Zigmund Follies 10

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Addapted by: Philippe Genty

Directed by: Philippe Genty

Assistent director: Mary Underwood

Costumes: Mary Underwood

Cast: Eric De Sarria și Philippe Richard

Producer: MCNN – Cultural Centre from Nevers and Nièvre and Compania Philippe Genty

„Producer: MCNN – Cultural Centre from Nevers and Nièvre and Phillipe Genty Company
”A storyteller discovers with terror that his left hand has been rummaging through his pocket…his wallet…has been opening his letters… his drawers…He even catches it while turning his jacket over. How it drags him accidentally INSIDE after passing through a zip at the risk of his life…The dismal zip! Is the right hand an accomplice in all this? An odyssey at a hair’s breath away from a tragedy, performed by 20 fingers, 20 personalities, 20 tempers which are as thick as thieves. The twists related in Zigmund Follies are authentic, the spotlights only have been changed to shed a new light on this dark story” Philippe Genty, director.

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