A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A midsummer’s night dream is a romantic comedy written by William Shakespeare by 1590. It`s a play full of sensitivity and erotism. Two pairs of lovers are are carried through the woods, on the wings of magic, by an unpredictable and thinker goblin. They are joined by an unearthly couple, Oberon and Titania, who always put the quarrel entangled the two love stories. A complicated tangle of stories and sentimental intrigue takes place at night, as in a dream. The facts, which can start as simple, on earth, are transforming as the night is getting darker, the forest deeper and increasingly hallucinatory.It`s a magical night in which earthly and unearthly are caught in a dance. Frenzy, joy, exuberance overflowing over everything and everyone. Shakespeare said that „lunatic, the lover and the poet are all composed of fantasy”.Under the sign of fantasy is the new performance signed by Cristian Pepino. Ebullient humor, gags after gags, tinted acting woven with table manipulation, with highly expressive puppets that compose and decompose, simple décor, all completing a joyful, bittersweet image, where love conquers all.

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