The Giant Radish

“The Giant Radish” is a Russian fairy tale which enchanted us by its action and characters: the giant radish, the grandfather – the old man,the old woman – the grandmother, the granddaughter, the puppy, the kitty, the mouse. The grandfather plants a radish, which grows so large that he cannot pull it up himself. And pulled it, pulled it, but nothing…The old man called the old woman to help him. She catches the old man’s waist; the old man takes the radish by the leaves and… nothing. The old woman asked her granddaughter to come and help. The girl catches her granny’s waist, the old woman holds the old man and this one the radish. And pulled it, pulled it, but the radish doesn’t snatch. The granddaughter called the dog. The puppy holds the girl’s lap, the granddaughter holds the old woman’s waist, this one catches the old man, the old man the radish. All of them pulled and pulled, but no result. Then, comes the kitty. But nothing! The asked the mouse. The mouse catches the kitty’s tail, the cat holds the dog, the puppy the girl, the girl the granny, and that one the old man. They pull the radish, once again and, finally, they succeed. Our performance is interactive, cheerful, colorful and could have as subtitle: “Where one is not power, which many hands increase”

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