The Paratroopers

An almost empty stage, with a cube in the center of it and a frame which symbolizes a whole universe. Two pannels will cach life and two actors. The show is a metaphor „drawn” by steady lines about the art of falling, the abilities to fly and the capacity of humans to overcome the dificulties of life, about the importance to have a supportive friend. The play invetigates the problem of gravity a it’s force involved in the daily life, the illusions and dissapointments of human beings. The communication with the public is direct, with simple means, through dance, movement, music, clownery and a little acrobatisc, like a child play with a lot of humor. The message ist o overcome the obstacles of life to be able to reach our dreams, to meet new people, to have friends, to know when to say goodbye and to help people in need.

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