The Little Prince

The character of an immortal and most beloved story, the Little Prince is nowadays a legendary hero, symbol of a generous and responsible humanity which brings a message of hope and brotherhood. The story of the Little Prince, a blond boy with pure heart is told by a pilot who crashed in the Sahara desert. The Little Prince lives on an asteroid and decides to leave it and explore the world. He is convinced to leave by his beloved rose and whose vanity disappointed him. The Earth is the seventh planet he reaches, after meeting with various characters which illustrate a human defect or vice. He meets a snake, a fox and other flowers very similar to his flower. From each one he learned something in the same way that those who come in contact with him and his way of seeing things have something to learn, starting with the pilot and ending with us, the readers. At the end, the little Prince wants to return on his asteroid, but the only way is death, helped by the snake he falls to the ground without uttering a word. The little Prince a philosophical book and brings into question essential questions as friendship, love, death, time, reality presented in a formula for children combining video projection, acting and manipulation.

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