„Angels` street”, Puck Puppet Theatre Cluj-Napoca, 5+

Strada cu ingeri 4

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Script, scenography and directed by: Decebal Marin

Music: Traian Păcurar

Characters: Ioan Bătăiosu, Decebal Marin

Sculpture: Florin Marin

Painting: Elena Ilaș

Cast: Andreea Bolovan, Ștefan Craiu, Robert Gutunoiu, Andra Ștefan

Angel`s street, a nonverbal play thought and directed by Decebal Marin, presents the connection between the human world and the angelic one. In a poetical language, peculiar to the marionette play, there are caught every day aspect which, at the angel’s intervention, manage to waken the good in the human soul, making him to be aware of the beauty around him.
This is the first performance of this type, with a special emphasis on the emotional intelligence, rebuilding the connection between the rationality of the adults with the purity and the innocence of the children’s soul.
”This play is not about learning, but about a delicate and sensitive weakening of a curtain, which is transposed in a certain key. We want to touch the soul to the one who is open to look in depth.”, Decebal Marin, director.

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