Exit the King

Regele moare 13

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By:  Eugène Ionesco

Adapted and directed by:  Eliza Păuna

Scenography: Sabina Veșteman și Bianca Veșteman

Puppet construction: Daniel Stamate

Photo: Andrei Roșianu

Audience: Adults


Cast: Ioan Brancu, Liliana Gavrilescu, Cristina Țane, Mona Toncu, George Simian, Ștefan Craiu

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”I wrote this play to learn to die”. ”Exit the King” is a warm and human story about life, power, death, maybe one of the least absurd Eugène Ionesco`s plays. It is about the human`s attitude facing death. Denial, revolt and resignation are the three attitudes that the hero, Bèrenger, is gradually experiencing. First, he refuses to deny the agony state, then he revolts that everything is pointless, that he cannot fight anymore and in the end, he resigns because there is nothing left to be done and the time goes by too fast. The anger, the helplessness and the fear can be the coordinates that characterizes Bèrenger`s condition.

Eliza Păuna, the director of the play, adapted the text and thought it in a puppetry way: ”The meaning of the play is the existence`s disintegration. In a very simple space, dominated by a throne, the characters see and describe the end of the world, they are preparing to announce the king about his own death. Until the end, all the characters, besides the king, become dismantled. The disintegration of the world is in the limelight and it takes place gradually, almost inconspicuous.

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