„The toy store”, Merlin Theatre for Children and Youth, Timișoara, 10+

Magazinul cu jucarii Timisoara 4

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10+, 80 min.

Script and directed by: Toma Hogea

Scenography: Maria Axenti

Music: Anda Tăbăcaru Hogea

Choreography: Mădălina Ghițescu

Light design: Gerhard Crăciun

Mădălina Toderaș, Mădălina Ghițescu, Laurențiu Pleșa, Octavia Petrișor, Adriana Sâncrăian, Maria Gornic, Radu Popescu, Luana Uncruțiu, Raul Lăzărescu, Izabella Sâncrăian

An emotional text, full of innocence, tenderness and the profound emotion of every character.
We want to offer to the public of all ages a new theatrical expression, with a lot of images, symbols and metaphors, with remarkable acting scores and authentic puppetry moments.
The original music manages to give sense and value to every image and every character, ennobling them.
Acting, puppetry, pantomime, animated elements, music and choreography are parts of this performance.
Through a happy gathering, all these theatrical forms manage to compose/recompose, with the help of the text, a special theatrical universe, with profound moments and a special emotional charge.

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