„The Tempest”,Colibri Theatre for Children and Youth, Craiova (Țăndărică Hall), performance for the entire family, 70 min.

Furtuna 2

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Script and directed by: Cristian Pepino

Decor: Alexandru Remus Gabor

Costumes: Raluca Aionițoaie

Music: Marin Fagu

Tehnical director: Mugurel Vitan

Cast: Marcel Iureș, Oana Stancu, Mugur Prisăcaru, Geo Dinescu, Marin Fagu

Sound: Constantin Bîrțan

Lights: Laurentiu Milici

The Tempest is a production inspired by the puppetry art, which brings on the stage the theatre in theatre, on a script and direction by Cristian Pepino and with the unique gathering of Marcel Iureș with the puppeteers Oana Stanciu, Geo Dinescu, Mugur Prisăcaru and Marin Fagu (who is the author of the music, too). The decors are the creation of Remus Alexandru Gabor, and the costumes are designed by Raluca Aionițoaie, scenographers involved for the first time in the animation theatre.
The tempest it`s a different version of the Shakespearian story, for public of all ages, with actors and puppets, with a fantasy and humour note. The play is about power and destiny, revenge and forgiveness and the domination of the good above the evil.

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