„Who are you?”, Țăndărică Animation Theatre, 2+

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2+, 40 min.

Adapted after motifs from the fairy-tale Unruly Kittenby L. Bjelisei

Script and directed by: Romano Bogdan (Croația)

Assistent director: Davor Dokleja

Scenography: Rusa Trajkova

Music: Bojan Miljancic

Cast: Olga Bela, Dan Codreanu, Adrian Alexandru Neculcea.

From amorphous soft pillows a story arises – a story about characters that recognize each other. In some ways they are similar and in others they are different. This recognition occurs in a play with puppets and actors who are constantly becoming someone else. It’s a performance of shapes, voices, words and common sense. Three friends -Olga, Dan and Alex – are playing. Soon, their world is populated by new friends (a hedgehog, a squirrel, a bunny, a crawl and a kitten) who, just like some naughty children, go further from their home and get lost. They teach each other, help each other and realise that, even if they are so different, they are alike.

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