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The Snow Queen

Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen`s most famous fairy tale, the director Cristian Pepino brings on the stage an unique performance, with fantastic characters in a world full of magic and suspense.

We will be together with little Gerda in an adventurous journey, where she tries to finds her brother held prisoner somewhere in the land bewitched by The Snow Queen.  Her trip is a fascinating one, with a lot of moments which are meant to enchant the souls of the public

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oblio 11

Me, Oblio

Harry Nilsson, a famous american musician, wrote in the ’70’s a story about Oblio, a little boy with round head who lived in the Pointy-Headed Land. Because he’s different, Oblio is sent in the Pointy Forest, in a initiatory travel alongside with his dog, Point. For our show, the director Nona Ciobanu adapted the Nilsson’s story by using a innovative and spectacular scenography, as well as projected video animation.

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baubau 03

Who’s Afraid of The Boogeyman?

Each of us, as children, were afraid of something: different animals, the darkness, noises, rain, wind and thunder, water or fire. Fluttering curtains, footsteps approaching, things you left in one place, inexplicably appear in another… A series of coincidences or not? How many of us don’t get frightened on hearing the word “Boogeyman”? The performance is about a little girl who, before going to bed, plays with the clothes from her closet, hears some strange noises and enters a world where she encounters characters from fairy tales. It is about the modernization of classic tales in which the common denominator is fear. Boogeyman is the embodiment of fear, and you get the feeling that he enjoys the little ones being afraid of him. Once she gets to know him, our heroine becomes Boogeyman’s friend, she learns to overcome her fears, grow with them and find her way through the world. Everything is a game, with few words, movement, music and dance, that uses the children’s power of imagination and aims to demystify some of the most common fears, showing that fear is a part of everyday life, but we can get rid of it by joking, making fun of it. The communication between stage and audience is sincere, direct, the pace is alert, and the final conclusion is that Boogeyman is the friend I shouldn’t be afraid of.

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punguta 4

The Purse With Two Coins

As all Creanga’s fairy tales and this one begins with „once upon the time” and finishes with „they lived richly and happily ever after”. His characters are taken as in „The she goat with three kids” from the world of animals. So, the comic is derived from the animal cleverness, who symbolically are speaking, thinking and acting, or simulating like human beings. In our show the original version is well preserved, but there are new characters which, in each scene, are emphasizing the rooster’s qualities. The show has humor, charm, fun ingredients which can amuse both children and adults.

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alladin 13

Alladin’s Lamp

The show captures the moment when Alladin is asked by the dervish to bring a magic lamp from a cave. From now on begins a series of adventures full of humor. The novelty of this show comes from the perfect integration of the digital technique in the play’s structure.

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omul de zapada

The Snowman Who Wanted To Meet The Sun

Matei Vișniec, the most played romanian drama author in the country and also worldwide, is having the “debut” on the Țăndărică’s stage, on a national premiere, with a play written for children. “The snowman who wanted to meet the sun” is a like a poem full of tenderness, innocence, sensitivity, which speaks about friendship, sadness, joy and hope. When he feels how the sunshine melts his body slowly, The Snowman begins a journey to find the sun and to ask him for mercy. On the way there he meets a bunch of animals, giving them the “accessories” that the kids decorated him in exchange of help to reach the Land of the Rising Sun. Once the journey comes to an end, he asks the Sun to help his fellow animal friends instead of asking something for himself. The time haven’t passed in favor of the Snowman, only his red heart remains to pulse, but the Sun promises that he will transform him in a dream and he will be brought back to life on the next winter.

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