By Matei Vișniec
Directed by: Ioan Brancu
Scenography: Marian Sandu
Video projection: Marin Fagu
Music: Cari Tibor
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: 4+
Duration: 60 min
Cast: Ioan Brancu, Liliana Gavrilescu, Mariana Zaharia, Robert Trifan, Leonard Dodan.

Matei Vișniec, the most played romanian drama author in the country and also worldwide, is having the “debut” on the Țăndărică’s stage, on a national premiere, with a play written for children. “The snowman who wanted to meet the sun” is a like a poem full of tenderness, innocence, sensitivity, which speaks about friendship, sadness, joy and hope. When he feels how the sunshine melts his body slowly, The Snowman begins a journey to find the sun and to ask him for mercy. On the way there he meets a bunch of animals, giving them the “accessories” that the kids decorated him in exchange of help to reach the Land of the Rising Sun. Once the journey comes to an end, he asks the Sun to help his fellow animal friends instead of asking something for himself. The time haven’t passed in favor of the Snowman, only his red heart remains to pulse, but the Sun promises that he will transform him in a dream and he will be brought back to life on the next winter.

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