With a history of more than 75 years, Tăndărică Animation Theater remains the promoter of the contemporary trends in the field of animation and visual theater. Annually, the audience can choose from a repertoire of over 30 titles, six of which are premieres.
Addressing current and interest topics, both as productions and as projects, has led to a continuous diversification and widening of the audience (both age and socio-professional segmentation).
At the same time, permanent collaborations with Romanian directors and dramatists support the production of local theater, promoting classical and contemporary Romanian dramaturgy.
Participation in International Festivals encourages cultural exchanges, communication between artists and specialist institutions, generating partnerships and even national or international co-productions.
Annually, approximately 110,000 paying audiences and about 10,000 non-paying spectators (social cases) attend the Theater’s performances. The Tăndărică Hall has a capacity of 278 seats, Anima Studio Tăndărică (40 seats), The Nori Theater / Summer Theater (100 seats). Unconventional spaces (permanent): Tandarica Itinerant Theater (180 seats), Grand Cinema Digiplex (300 seats).


International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre “ImPuls

Now, at its 15th edition, International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre “ImPuls”, held at the end of November, brings to the attention of the Romanian public various styles present in the world animation theatre and visual theatre. ImPuls is a strictly professional festival-competition dedicated to audience of all ages that consolidates and promotes the contemporary tendency in the local and foreign visual and animation theatre.

“Different Țăndărică”

“Different Țăndărică festival reached in 2017 its third edition and proposes to the animated theatre audience a new concept of conducting an event of this type, which creates an alternative framework of theatre education that comes in meeting the demands of an adult audience linked to its expectations in the theatre-child relationship. The festival hosts interactive performances, experimental shows with participatory character, in which children are allowed to intervene on the dramaturgy of the show and at the same time they can enter the secrets of performing an animated drama (from backstage to interpretation).

„SALT” Festival

Festivalul se bazează pe platforma originală SALT, un concurs unic de proiecte dedicat artiștilor emergenți din domeniul teatrului de animație și vizual  – actori, actori păpușari, regizori, scenografi, coregrafi, ventriloci, mimi, scenariști, artiști plastici, susținuți de Teatrul de Animație Țăndărică în realizarea și producția de la idee la spectacol a proiectelor propuse.
Festivalul SALT propune un program bogat în evenimente culturale dedicate copiilor, adolescenților, adulților dar și specialiștilor din domeniu, în care sunt prezentate producțiile câștigătoare ale proiectului cu același nume,  producții din străinătate și întâlniri dedicate profesioniștilor.

Summer season “Theatre, street and child”

Now at its 6th edition, the Summer season “Theatre, street and child” festival is held under the aegis of ASSITEJ Romania. It’s dedicated to the child and the whole family, and unfolds in several phases between May and September, with the support of the Bucharest City Hall. The main purposes of this festival organized by Țăndărică Animation Theatre are: children awareness, development and education through culture, promoting cultural and artistic contemporary values, locally and world-wide, educating the Romanian public through visual and animation theatrical arts, etc. Wanting to reach those areas deprived of access to culture, Țăndărică Animation Theatre aims to implement the cultural project “Theatre for all” by purchasing a tent-theatre, where the festival “Theatre, street and child” is held, hence generating a unique project in the local and international theatrical landscape.



SALT project, carried out in collaboration with UNIMA Romania, is a domestic program dedicated to the emerging artists in the animation/visual theatre field (actors, puppeteers, commedia dell’arte actors, ventriloquists, pantomimes, stage directors, script writers, choreographers, musicians, stage designers, plastic artists, puppet makers, light & sound designers), with the purpose of supporting young artists by providing them with a setting where to realize their projects. The project’s framework stipulates a competition juried by professionals in the field of animation/visual performing arts. The jury members are chosen according to the application types (theatre-dance performance containing animation elements, object and/or mask theatre, musicals with marionettes, improvisational performance, educational performance, commedia dell’arte etc.). Through this project, Țăndărică Animation Theatre creates the first and only project database in Romania that offers access to any natural or juridical person interested to produce a theatrical performance stocked in the SALT Project patrimony.

DramAnima Center

DramAnima Center is a dramaturgy laboratory which aims to promote and valorise in theatrical performances original contemporary scripts consecrated to children and family. DramAnima Center consists of various playwright, study, research and experimental workshops on the subject of dramaturgy for children and teenagers.

Perpetuum Țăndărică

The Interactive exhibition/Itinerant Museum “Perpetuum Țăndărică” project, consists in an artistic presentation of the Țăndărică Animation Theatre`s heritage, together with fragments from the plays of its repertoire. The puppets exposed are carefully selected from the theatre’s history, spanning for more than 70 years, and illustrate the main milestones in the evolution of animation theatre in Romania, remembering both the artists and the characters that consecrated this art. The exhibition displays as well the construction phases of a puppet or a marionette, from the wood log – raw material – to the final product – the puppet or marionette, object of play and work of art. Beside the historical dimension of the museum, the Perpetuum Țăndărică Project has the intention to display contemporary theatrical creations in the puppetry stage design, familiarizing the audience with the aesthetic trends and current construction techniques.

The IDEEA Conferences

The IDEEA Conferences – Innovation, Development, Education and Evolution through Art project emphasizes the organisation of a conference series dedicated to both experts in animation theatre and parents, addressing actual themes in the parenting and educational area. New world wide trends in the theatre for children, a conference held by Ivica Šimič, The importance of education in theatre, by Simon Wong, Cultural cooperation instruments, by Christoph Thoma, Evolution of the contemporary theatre for children (and youth) in Germany, by Stefan Fischer-Felsde, or Theatre, emotion and brain: an integrative approach to teaching and learning, by Manon Van de Water are just some of the titles presented within this project.

The Michaela Tonitza Iordache Prizes For Excellence In Romanian Animation

Starting from 2000, International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre “ImPuls” is awarding, during each of its editions, the excellence in Romanian animation. Since 2010, the festival has created the Excellence Prize for the Technical Team, in order to pay a tribute to those invisible co-authors of the animation performance.

Anima Studio Țăndărică

Wishing to attract teenage and adult public, this project created an experimental studio with a seating capacity of 50 seats. The studio was converted from an old warehouse modernized with the help of sponsorships: it hosts various plays from the classic and contemporary repertoire, representing also a place for meetings, research and experimentation in the animation art and visual theatre.

The Theatre in the Clouds

The Theatre in the Clouds is an open-air theatre, with a seating capacity of 100 seats, an alternative space set apart for performances, concerts, theatrical events and meetings, public readings, experimental theatre, laboratory theatre, dance-theatre, conferences, open-air workshops dedicated to children, projects of personal development through theatre and any type of theatrical, plastic, audio visual exhibitions etc.

All these projects have been strategically promoted, rigorously keeping high professional standards and developing an experience we call: Țăndărică, a model of collective creation.

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