The Dorina Tănăsescu Museum – volume 1

The virtual museum offers a unique journey through time in the fabulous world of puppets and heritage marionettes belonging to the history of over 75 years of the Ţăndărică Animation Theater.
The name of the museum (Dorina Tănăsescu) pays a tribute to one of the most long-lived marionetist, recognized as one of the most important creators of this theatrical genre. She founded the Ţăndărică Theater and also other puppet theaters in the world.

Dorina Tănăsescu, as teacher, brought a major contribution to the foundation of the “Art of the actor as manipulator of puppets and marionettes” at the Faculty of Theater, National University of Theater and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale “, Bucharest. She developed an innovative method of teaching the marionette technique based on personal inventions in its construction.

The Dorina Tănăsescu Museum consists of two parts, the itinerant museum with dolls and puppets preserved over time and the virtual museum, consisting of photographs of the elements of the itinerant museum. The purpose of this museum is to keep alive the history of the animation theater, not to forget the essence of this art, as well as the outstanding people, the great theater creators, whether they are directors, stage designers or animators.

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