The Snow Queen


Addapted by Cristian Pepino by Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by: Cristian Pepino
Scenography:  Remus Alexandru Gabor end Raluca Aioanițoaie
Music: Dan Bălan
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: 4+
Duration: 50 min

Cast: Mihai Dumitrescu, Roxana Vișan, Simina Constantin, Cristina Țane, George Simian, Dora Ortelecan Dumitrescu, Mona Toncu, Ionuț Păduraru

Based on one of Hans Christian Andersen`s most famous fairy tale, the director Cristian Pepino brings on the stage an unique performance, with fantastic characters in a world full of magic and suspense.

We will be together with little Gerda in an adventurous journey, where she tries to finds her brother held prisoner somewhere in the land bewitched by The Snow Queen.  Her trip is a fascinating one, with a lot of moments which are meant to enchant the souls of the public.

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