The Little Mermaid


After: Hans Christian Andersen
Script: Gabriel Apostol
Directed by: Gabriel Apostol
Scenography: Cristina Pepino
Music: Dan Bălan
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: 3+
Duration: 50 min
Cast: Alina Teianu-Cocioran / Daniela Ruxandra Mihai, Florin Mititelu, Ioan Brancu, Adrian Lefter / George Simian, Alina Petrescu / Roxana Vișan, Eugenia Barbu
Voice of the Little Mermaid: Monica Madas

Our performance is similar to the film made by Disney which transform Andersen’s story in significant way, the meditation on the spiritual values becoming a conventional story where at the end the heroine is rewarded with an earthly marriage. The Andresen’s mermaid is lured at the surface of the sea by two complementary but also separated impulses: the romantic love for a handsome prince and the moral desire to touch immortality. The little mermaid suffers when the prince got married with another girl who thought was his saver. Not being a mermaid, our heroine refuses to kill the prince scarifying her love and she remains for the rest of her life as a prisoner of the water.

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