The Goat With Three Kids


By: Ion Creangă
Adaptation: Cristian Pepino
Directed by: Gabriel Apostol
Scenography: Cristina Pepino
Music: Dan Bălan
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: 3+
Duration: 55 min
Cast: Ioana Chelaru Popovici / Alina Petrescu, Liliana Gavrilescu / Dora Ortelecan Dumitrescu,  Roxana Vișan, George Simian, Florin Mititelu / Leonard Dodan

In this performance we can see actors, big puppets and masks, in a setting that suggests a Romanian village. The director dealt with the classical text by emphasizing its folk side, from the set to the characters’ stylized costumes, to different objects, to the music. This is a way to remember our roots.

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