Text: Cristian Pepino
Directed by: Ioan Brancu
Scenography: Cristina Pepino
Music: Dan Bălan
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: Peste 4 ani
Duration: 55 min
Cast: Gabriel Apostol, Mihai Dumitrescu  / Ioan Brancu, Alina Petrescu / Roxana Vișan, Florentina Tănase, Alina Teianu-Cocioran / Daniela Ruxandra Mihai, George Simian    

The performance is a parody full of humour and very entertaining and focuses on the Romanian village. The décor creates a space very alike to the rural atmosphere as well as the puppets and costumes. The music also urges you to be part into a Romanian ring dance.

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