Me, Oblio


By Nona Ciobanu
inspired by THE POINT! by Harry Nilsson
with a few lyrics by Gellu Naum and Ana Blandiana
Directed by: Nona Ciobanu
Scenography: Peter Kosir
Script and musical illustration: Nona Ciobanu
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: 4+
Duration: 60 min
Cast: Liliana Gavrilescu, Gabriel Apostol, Ioan Brancu, Florin Mititelu, Cristina Țane 

Harry Nilsson, a famous american musician, wrote in the ’70’s a story about Oblio, a little boy with round head who lived in the Pointy-Headed Land. Because he’s different, Oblio is sent in the Pointy Forest, in a initiatory travel alongside with his dog, Point. For our show, the director Nona Ciobanu adapted the Nilsson’s story by using a innovative and spectacular scenography, as well as projected video animation.

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