Adaptation after Gustav Meyrink
Script: Gabriel Apostol
Directed by: Gabriel Apostol
Scenography: Olga Clara Dărângă
Music: Andrei Gheorghiu and Gabriel Apostol
Photo: Andrei Roșianu
Audience: Adults, nonverbal
Duration: 50 min
Cast: Mariana Zaharia / Cristina Țane, Daniela Ruxandra Mihai, Gabriel Apostol, George Simian

The action of the play is centered around the puppeteer, who lives in the jewish neighborhood of Prague, dominated by the mystically shadow of the Golem, that magical creature created by Rabi Loew. The puppeteer recreates the real world with the help of the puppets. His wish to enliven them becomes almost obsessive and this way he discovers a hidden and mysterious side of reality. The puppeteer’s story sometimes meets and bounds with the story of Pernath, the gemstones sander, himself looking for the perfect cut, the one who gives a simple rock a diamond value. In fact, both of them are unconsciously looking for enlightenment, that moment of grace when the angel touches you with his wing and it reveals to you the intimate resorts that governs your life. What is the role of Golem and if they will understand the miracle of everyday life, it remains to be seen.

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