Who Are You?


Playwriting: Romano Bogdan (after motifs from the fairytale “Unruly kitten” by L. Bjelisey)

Directed by: Romano Bogdan (Croația)
Scenography: Davor Dokleja
Puppets and costumes: Rusa Trajkova
Music: Bojan Miljancic

Photo: Andrei Rosianu
Audience: 2+
Durata: 40 min

Cast: Olga Bela, Dan Codreanu, Adrian-Alexandru Neculcea

From amorphous soft pillows a story arises – a story about characters that recognize each other. In some ways they are similar and in others they are different. This recognition occurs in a play with puppets and actors. They are constantly becoming someone else. It’s a performance of form, voices, language and common sense.

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