After Voltaire
Script: Cristian Pepino
Directed by: Cristian Pepino
Puppets and digital animation by: Cristian Pepino
Costumes: Cristina Pepino
Music: Dan Bălan
Photo: Alexandra Jitariuc
Audience: Adults
Duration: 60 min, nonverbal
Cast: Mihai Dumitrescu, Liliana Gavrilescu, Georgiana Dinescu, Petronela Purima/Roxana Vișan, Marin Fagu

A modern, lively performance, full of colour and rhythm, played in a mixture of languages, which lends it a special savour and which, besides the classical means of animation, uses the digital projection technique. Voltaire’s short story is “read” imaginatively, with the director’s humour. The essence of each event synthesizes in fact the humanistic ideas of power, liberty, love and war. A performance for adults, in which the puppets, besides being handled with skill and dexterity by the young artists, have special expressiveness, highlighting the nature of each character through caricature.

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