Bambi Excelsior 5

„Bambi”, Excelsior Theatre, Bucharest, 5+

The little prince Bambi was born during the spring in a glade. He has a beautiful and loving mother; his father is the most important deer in the forest; he has a lot of relatives and friends from all the species. Even if the human shows up once in a while, with the gun on his shoulder (and what is this? are asking the animals, some kind of a third arm?). Bambi will grow up and will learn what he has to do. ”You have to run”, ”You have to get up”, ”You have to move all the time”. The effort is too big, the price is high but the fawn is a winner. He is ready to become a real prince.

little jeep

„Little Jeep”, China National Theatre for Children, Beijing, 3+

The play is about how a little jeep becomes a fire-fighting hero. In the first part of this performance for children, carrots, cucumber, garlic and other vegetables and towels, clamps, sponges and other little props, in the hands of the actors, transform into a variety of little animals – the long-nose elephant, the juggling bear, and finally a very aggressive crab made from a sponge and two clips. Everything is just so amazingly rich in imagination. As to the second part of the show, little Jeep becomes a fire-fighting hero with his own courage, wisdom and dexterity, which tells children, “Although I am little, I can do it!”

micul t 2

„Little T”, Batida Theatre Company, Denmark, 4+. 40 min

Far away, in a lovely land of palm trees and dates, a baby boy was born with ears as big as rhubarb leaves. At the sight of them, his father was ready to die of shame: “Poor, poor me!” he lamented, “Poor me, to have fathered such a son!”
But those ears of his made Little T exceptionally good at hearing things nobody else could hear: the sound of a snail, of a strawberry, a shooting star…
And one day he heard from far, far away, the sound of some very unhappy teddy bears…

oblio 11

„Me, Oblio”, Țăndărică Animation Theatre, 4+, 60 min

Harry Nilsson, a famous American musician, wrote in the ’70’s a story about Oblio, a little boy with round head who lived in the Pointy-Headed Land. Because he’s different, Oblio is sanded in the Pointy Forest, in an initiatory travel alongside with his dog, Point. For our show, the director Nona Ciobanu adapted the Nilsson’s story by using an innovative and spectacular scenography, as well as projected video animation.

Magazinul cu jucarii Timisoara 4

„The toy store”, Merlin Theatre for Children and Youth, Timișoara, 10+

An emotional text, full of innocence, tenderness and the profound emotion of every character.We want to offer to the public of all ages a new theatrical expression, with a lot of images, symbols and metaphors, with remarkable acting scores and authentic puppetry moments.
The original music manages to give sense and value to every image and every character, ennobling them. 


„Lady of Porto Pim”, Phillipe Genty Theatre Company, Italy, 16+

The Lady of Porto Pim was a magical, sensuous and enigmatic creature who stole the soul of a whaler and made him a musician: until his assassin instinct, to redeem the foreseen betrayal, the foretold defeat, demanded a tribute of blood which led to her death. An ultimate wreckage, of a whaler and whale who mocked whoever dreamt of imprisoning her. As for love, it is for art. The performance is a story of love and death, of dream and reality, in this brief journey into the mystery of the human soul.

baubau 07

„Who`s afraid of the Boogie Man?”, Țăndărică Animation Theatre, 4+

Everything is a game, with few words, movement, music and dance, that uses the children’s power of imagination and aims to demystify some of the most common fears, showing that fear is a part of everyday life, but we can get rid of it by joking, making fun of it. The communication between stage and audience is sincere, direct, the pace is alert, and the final conclusion is that Boogie man is the friend I shouldn’t be afraid of.

omul de zapada

„The snowman who wanted to meet the sun”, Țăndărică Animation Theatre, 5+

For the first time in Romania, Matei Vișniec, the most popular Romanian playwriter in his origins country and abroad, makes his debut on Țăndărică stage with a theatre play wrote especially for children. The snowman who wanted to meet the Sun in a tender poem, full of sensitivity about friendship, generosity, sadness, happiness, hope. The Snowman feels how the rays of sun melt slowly his body and he starts a journey just to ask the star to have mercy.

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